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Alexandra | San Ramon Senior Portraits | Hall Creations Photography

A family friend of ours,  Alexandra, is a High School Senior this year and will soon be leaving the nest to move onto college.  I am thrilled to be the one to capture this beautiful girl that has grown up before us, into a stylish and sophisticated young woman!  She is a hobbyist photographer, so together we had a lot of fun looking for interesting spots to shoot, along with contrast and different textures.  Here is a  little sneak peak of what we discovered.  Enjoy!www.hallcreations.comwww.hallcreations.comwww.hallcreations.comwww.hallcreations.comwww.hallcreations.comwww.hallcreations.com

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Mailee | Monterey Children’s Portraits

We had a wonderful outing to a beach in Monterey recently with an old friend and her 5 year old daughter,  Mailee.  Mailee just started dabbling into modeling recently and so when I took out my camera to capture some sunset shots, she had no qualms about being in front of the camera.  She loved the water and ran circles around us like 5 year olds do best and I couldn’t help but capture her young & enthusiastic heart, enjoying nature.  What a delight she was and the sunset as well!  Love you guys!


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Lisa + Brian | Anniversary Portrait Session | Beloved Session | Lake Tahoe Photographer

Lisa & Brian came to Lake Tahoe this week on vacation and contacted us to capture some Anniversary Portraits.  They are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary this month and every year for their anniversary, doctor pills they have anniversary portraits done to reconnect and celebrate their love!\n\nI know, there cialis cute right?!  Hall Creations Photography offers, purchase otherwise known as Beloved Sessions, where you can reconnect with the one you love.  Whether you are dating, engaged,  married for 20 or 30 years+ or  just family.  The Beloved Session is really for anyone who desires to focus on celebrating their love and relationship in a unique way!\n\nHappy Anniversary Lisa & Brian!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n

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6 reasons why it’s great to have an engagement session prior to your wedding + a few tips!

Here are 6 reasons why it’s great to have an engagement session prior to your wedding and a few tips!
1. Prepare for the big day:
Get comfortable in front of the camera.
Being photographed can be very intimidating for most and its not the average day for people when they are the main subject for 8 hours on their wedding day. You will get to know our shooting style,  plus you will get a taste of what the day will be like on the big day!
2. Get to know your photographer:

Hopefully, you have already met with one of us in your initial consultation or maybe it’s just the first time getting to put that voice to a face, as you have been planning your destination wedding from long distance, speaking only via phone or by e-mail.  Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity to get to know the person that will be most likely in the same room with you most of the day, following you and your entourage you call the bridal party, around like the paparazzi!  We want you to feel at ease and when the big day comes, it will be just like we’re old friends at your wedding (with real nice cameras).

3. Announce the big day:Are you looking to send out those save the dates?  This could be a little fun memento for your guests to get excited about your big celebration.  Make a fun photo magnet that will be sure to stick to your family & friends fridges for years!


4. Make it a fun date:
With all this wedding planning going on, you could use some down time away from that wedding planner/binder that never leaves your side lately.  Take advantage of this time and make it a fun date where you can focus on just being a couple and NOT planning!   You’re all dressed up, why not make it a night out?  If dressing up is not you, why not go on an adventurous hike or picnic.  We want to capture your love and life together, along with the natural lifestyle of what makes you a unique couple.
5. Have  photos for your wedding day to display:
Looking for a different way to have a guestbook?  After your e-session, let us help you create a guestbook of some of your favorite photos from your session, where your guests can write on the pages like a yearbook.  Or create a beautiful canvas to display as you walk into your reception.  How about a signature matte board for your guests to sign around your favorite photo.  These ideas will ensure that you’ll want to display this artwork that your family & friends helped create.  You will hang it on your wall in your home, rather than that traditional, old-school book with lines and signatures that will just end up in a dusty place or even an unmarked box somewhere! (believe me, I can’t find mine from years ago!)

6. Event Cards to pass out to your guests:

When we do your engagement session, hopefully well in advance, we like to create Event Cards for you.  This is another type of keepsake for your guests which is either a small wallet-size card or a one-of-a kind bookmark, both that have your photo on the front and back, along with your names, wedding date, a special thanks to your guests and the website on where your guests can view your wedding photos after the wedding.  Your family & friends will LOVE these!

Other tips-

Make the most of your session:


We recommend that you incorporate any props that will help personalize your session.  Bring more meaning along with your personalities into the mix (i.e. guitar, books, that special memento or gift, wedding invitation, favorite couple photo, save the date sign or that beautiful blue Harley of yours).


Timing is everything:


Just like the timing for your wedding ceremony, we like to capture you in the most natural lighting whenever possible, so timing is important for your outdoor engagement session.  We usually schedule our 1 to 2 hour sessions for the best lighting, which falls in the morning  (before 10am) and late afternoon, one and one-half hours prior to sunset.


That’s it!  Once you consider these tips, there is no doubt you will look like Rock Stars on your wedding day!
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